In the summer of 2015, Kevin consecutively illustrated 100 Marvel Characters in 100 Days!

The Marvel 100 Challenge

We Are Publishing comics!

Volantis #2 In Stores Now!

11" x 17" Silk Gloss Prints - Digital Manipulation over Inks

Volantis Promotional Art - Originally published in "The Public" Magazine 2017

Volantis  tells the story of a family balancing out power, ethics, love and more set in the aftermath of a cataclysmic event.  Kevin is the sole force currently behind the project, serving as Writer, Illustrator, Colorist and Designer.  Conceived over a three year period, the story has been planned to run for 72 issues.

Volantis  is currently available at Queen City Bookstore (3184 Main St. Buffalo, NY) at Gutter Pop Comics (1028 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, NY)

and Empire Comics (1069 S. Abbott Rd. S. Buffalo, NY)

Digital Format coming soon on .  We are also crowdfunding this project at

Volantis #1

Volantis #3 Out January 2018

Solstice Art was created in 2016 to serve as a publishing outlet for Kevin's illustration prints, designs and creator owned graphic novels.