First Class Art

To put it simply Kevin is an establish artist that Delivers.  He takes your ideas and translates them into reality.  He is currently accepting work for Cover Art, Sketch Covers, and Sequential Art.

High Caliber Clients

Choosing an artist can be a crap shoot, not with Kevin Delgado.  Repeat customers and one of a kind custom art are his staples.  Kevin doesn't cut corners when it comes to crafting your next masterpiece. 

  • Professional Cover Art
  • Penciling, Inking, Digital Illustration
  • Digital Coloring
  • Plotting/Concept Creation
  • Graphic Design / Print Expert

the Art of Kevin Delgado


Past Clients Include:



D'Youville University

Jae Skeese / Drumwork

Image Comics, AfterShock Comics,

Mad Cave Studio